November 21, 2019

Allergy Lady
Allergy Lady


The following words are from those Terye has worked with, their personal comments about their experience, and a few examples of the results they achieved.

Swimming Again

swimming_again“Working with Terye has improved the quality of my life ten fold. As a sensitive person, performing mundane errands and functioning according to societal expectations left me anxious, lethargic, in pain, emotionally distraught and suicidal. My nose easily picks up on fragrances and aromas that used to leave me in bed with a migraine for 2 to 3 days without resolve by modern pharmaceuticals. After eating a meal, my digestive tract would swell in both directions leaving me bloated and struggling to breathe through swollen closed nostrils and a sticky, mucousy mouth. As a child, I suffered chronic ear infections due to this inflammation after eating and was repeatedly treated with antibiotics further impairing my body’s ability to digest food and detoxify myself. As a child, all I could do to feel better was to jump in a pool, and this added more ear infections, and more antibiotics. One day, the doctors finally told me, at 10 years old, I had to stop swimming forever or get tubes in my ears and never swim again. To me, there wasn’t a choice. I would never swim again and it was the only time I felt good.

These days, I swim everyday. I can eat the foods my body needs to build strength and store energy. After being treated by Terye for many, many allergens, I am FINALLY able to experience the world without reacting to it. I am free of headaches, digestive problems and lethargy. Best of ALL, my ears, nose and throat are no longer constantly responding to allergens. I can breathe freely and swim. I am finally able to experience my life and participate and THAT is the greatest outcome I could have hoped for. For that, I am infinitely grateful to Terye. The difference in my life has been so great that I have supported friends and family members treatments and their results have been healthful and life-changing. I have worked in and been treated by Western and Eastern Medicine and none of it comes close to the results achieved by Terye.”

-Sarah L, Houston, TX

Cooking is Fun

 “Since Terye treated me for food allergies (ex. nuts, gluten, dairy, sugar, additives, and pesticides) I’ve been free of constipation, spaciness, bloating, and stomach cramps. Also, my migraines and headaches have dramatically decreased. I can eat a normal diet without having any allergic reactions! It’s so fun cooking with a variety of ingredients and going out to eat without having to restrict my food choices.

Terye is a master healer with keen intelligence, an empathetic heart and exquisite intuition. Treatments with her has led to more than an absence of symptoms. My work, play and relationships have blossomed into the life I’ve always wanted. Working with Terye has healed my body and my life. I am eternally grateful! I now have abundant energy and clarity to build the private practice I’ve always wanted! :)

Thanks so much for all of your help Terye! I’m still pinching myself at times, because I can eat so freely now. I am so grateful for the healing we’ve done together and for more healing to come. :)”

-Holly C, Durham, NC

Intensive Care Unit – Mystery Illness, Liver & Kidney Failure…..

bottlesMy name is Barb. My friend’s son was lifting weights two days in a row, on Wednesday and Thursday. Within hours of working out, he began to swell severely. By Thursday evening, he could hardly lift his arms. By Friday, he was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with a condition called, “Rhabdomyolysis.”

“Rhabdomyolysis” is a serious syndrome due to a direct or indirect muscle injury. It results from the death of muscle fibers and release of their contents into the bloodstream. This can lead to complications such as renal (kidney) failure. This occurs when the kidneys cannot remove waste and concentrated urine. In some cases, rhabdomyolysis can even cause death.

According to the doctors in the Intensive Care Unit, he had a very severe case of Rhabdomyosis. He was going into liver and renal failure plus his blood pressure was extremely high (B/P 224/120 per his mother). His EKG was not good either. There were days of specialized care. The doctors were confused, nothing was fixing his issues, and they wanted to start kidney dialysis right away. He had 20-30 pounds of extra fluid on his body per his mother, which is very dangerous.

Almost a week later…… and still in the hospital.

In shear desperation, I decided to talk to his parents and they agreed to let Terye work on him, since nothing else was working. Terye worked on him remotely on Wednesday evening, and by Thursday all his blood work was completely normal!! His blood pressure was normal, his kidney function was back and started removing all the excess fluid from his body. Terye discovered the reason for the illness was caused by an aerosol exposure! It turns out, it was essential oils being diffused in his college dorm room that caused his body to shut down!

He is now out of the hospital, back in school, and his body functions are all back to normal.

Thank you Terye!! God sent you to them!

Your work is amazing!

Have a great day,

Barb, Northern Arizona

Pain Vanishes!

jeans“I am a physically active 68 year old lady. I awoke a few weeks ago, got dressed and immediately had a crushing ache in my lower back. I tried to push myself and mow the lawn. The pain intensified to the point that I could barely walk. Spoke with Terye and she walked me through figuring out when the pain began. It was when I buttoned my jeans. She asked me some questions and decided that it must be the dye in the jeans. She treated me for that allergy and I haven’t had the pain again. Yes, I am still wearing the same jeans every day!” -Dian, Yarnell, AZ

Happiness for the Whole Family

dairy“The Allergy Lady is amazing! Terye is my go-to person for myself or any of my loved ones. We’ve healed my allergies to dairy and other foods, as well as various contact and emotional allergies that have come up. When I had writer’s block, we treated a contact allergy to the fabric on my office chair. We even treated my dog for anger when he snapped at someone, and with Terye’s help, I made adjustments to his bed placement, etc. which has really calmed him down. dog It may sound out-there to some people since it can’t necessarily be scientifically explained, but this stuff really works. The results speak loudest, and isn’t that what we want when we’re taking medicine or going to the doctor’s office? What I love about Terye is that she’s NOT a ‘woo-woo’ person. She’s caring, compassionate, and a great communicator. She explains things clearly, gets to the point, and is really committed to her clients. If she can’t treat something (for example, I once called her with a cold that had gotten too far into my system to treat), she’ll honestly tell me. It’s clear that her life is dedicated to helping and healing people with her incredible gifts.” – Ophira Edut, co-owner of The AstroTwins

Amazing Change

“The night before my daughter was born, I got violently ill. Imagine being stricken with a headache and diarrhea while my poor wife was in labor! Thank goodness we called Terye. It turned out that I was allergic to a perfume sample that a family member brought into the house. (I had gotten a ‘contact perfumeallergy’ from touching paper spritzed with the stuff. Who would have thought?) From across the country, Terye identified this and cleared me. Within 15 minutes, I was up, making coffee and getting to my wife to the hospital. I almost missed the miraculous birth of my child, but thanks to Terye, I was there for the most important people in my life.” -Jeffrey, business owner, New York

An End to Years of Stress and Suffering

stressI have been working with Terye on emotional issues such as betrayal, guilt, and stress. I am 65 years old and have suffered all my life from acute and chronic anxiety. I feel Terye has “profound understanding” and is “intuitive.” She “gets me!” Since Terye’s treatments, my Anxiety has been reduced at least 95%!! The quality of my life is greatly increased! I am very grateful!! -Susan B., Arizona

I Can Eat Oranges!

orange“I was allergic to most foods – when my friend told me to go see Terye. She told me, “She can cure me for those foods!” My answer was, “OK, sure and bananas grow in the ocean!” However, in a week’s time, I made the trip to Terye’s Office – and she treated me for oranges. The next day, I went to the health food store and bought ONE orange, and took it home. I ate it and waited to break out with hives!! When that didn’t happen, I went back to the store and bought TWO oranges! Still, NO HIVES!! I was starting to believe in this thing! Now, I can eat everything, and Terye is STUCK with me forever!! Love her as a friend and a great healer!”
-Sarah Q., U.S.A.

Incredible Energy

lotionMy face was severely swollen, very fatigued, and my ankle pain was due to an allergy! It was my new body lotions. “I’ve stopped using the lotions and my entire face has de-puffed! I’ve had tons of energy since…….was falling asleep at 8 pm for the past few weeks. Well, the past 2 nights, I went jogging and was inspired enough to stay up till 11 pm working. Also, my ankle is NOT in mega pain anymore, just a dull ache that seems to be going away quickly. I had a much easier run than I’ve had in weeks. Holy Sh*t! Excuse the French!”
–Tali Edut, co-owner of The AstroTwins

I Saved Thousands

“Abby is our 8 year old Registered Golden Retriever. She was pick of the litter, from a local breeder and up until she was 2, a normal, energetic Golden. When she reached two, she developed her first “hot spot”. It was behind her ear; we immediately went to the vet who started her on cephelexin, zinc wound spray and benadryle 7 cortisone cream. We then changed to hydroxyzine and domeboro washes. Little did we dare imagine the long road we had begun…..endless Vet appointments, constant changes in meds, an animal dermatologist (more meds) hundreds of dollars in doctors (well over a thousand dollars) medication not to mention the upset and stress on poor little Abby. When we got to the point of the dermatologist recommending yet another thousand dollars of skin testing which would lead to daily and then weekly shots for Abs, I drew the line. I began to do some on line research….and decided to try some alternative approaches. We tried raw food diets, dinovite additives, yeast free diets, vinegar rinses and yet still we would have the occasional hot spot and we now we’re seeing thyroid problems so Abs was on soloxine.

This continued for 2 years or better. I was so frustrated. No one seemed to have an answer for this wonderful member of our family. Abby’s coat wasn’t the silky shine I saw on other Goldens; her eyes were matty, her energy came and went and I continued to search for answers.
I had been seeing Terye professionally, and we were friends. She had met Abby in our home and thought she might be able to help so we began allergy testing Abby long distance. She was treated for egg mix, calcium/milk mix, sugar mix, iron mix (meats), corn mix, wheat mix, wet and dry dog foods, thyroid (she’s been off soloxine for 2 years) and sadness.

Our daughter was home and was so worried about Abby; she was mopey, no energy and just not her usual self. Terye treated her for sadness and within 24 hours, she was back to her happy self. She has been staying with a friend of mine who had reclaimed a sad little mistreated pup and while there, Abby had befriended this pup. She brought his sadness home and as she’s done with us, she wanted to help him. Terye cleared her and she was fine.

I can’t even begin to imagine where Abby would be without Terye’s friendship and expertise. They adore each other, and I’m quite sure that had we not begun to treat Abby, we would have lost her. The hot spots, itching, fatigue, red swollen ears, thyroid issues, bad breath & sadness are GONE!! Today, she is growing into a senior Golden – well loved and loving and I’ll ever be grateful to Terye for her help and medical intervention.”
-Jane S., Williamson Valley

Miracle Recovery

“My husband, 68, has COPD & Emphysema. He had been unable to do much besides sit with his oxygen on. A friend suggested I/we contact Terye and see if she could help. We did and She DID! After working with her, he now is back to working in his shop 3-4 hours daily, walking, and enjoying life again! He just visited his Lung Doctor, and he said, “I don’t know what you are doing, but keep doing it!”

My youngest son had a serious motorcycle accident on May 20th this year. He had severe head trauma, multiple broken bones, contusions, etc. Of course, the head trauma was the most serious. Terye treated him through a surrogate a total of 5 times during his motorcyclefirst 9 weeks in the Intensive Care in a Coma. After the first treatment, I began hearing the word “MIRACLE” in the ICU from nurses and those close to his case. He squeezed my hand, then opened his eyes, despite the doctors having little hope he would ever recover. Each treatment allowed him to cross a hurdle, and he is now doing well on his road to recovery! He has truly amazed everyone involved in his treatment, since the Neurologist originally gave him a truly “poor” prognosis. He is walking, talking, and home now!

I also am undergoing treatments with consistent results. The biggest change for me has been an absence of PAIN: back aches, neck aches, hand aches. All have DISAPPEARED! (Yes, Margaret, allergies CAN/DOES cause Pain!) Also, my low blood sugar has VANISHED, and I feel 20 years younger, in spite of the worry of my son.”– Pender… Family, Northern Arizona

Chronic Rashes Disappeared

rashman“I began treatments with Terye after dealing with periodic rashes on my arms and torso for five years. Over that time I tried several general practitioners, dermatologists, and internists while also trying naturopathy and acupuncture. None could explain the cause of the symptoms or effectively treat them. Terye, however, quickly traced the symptoms back to allergies and cleared my skin in the first few sessions. I have now been rash free for a year.

Because I live out of state, almost all of the treatments are over the phone. It was difficult at first to grasp how this would work, but the results have been entirely positive. My overall health has steadily improved, particularly skin and digestive issues. While I still occasionally encounter substances that trigger an acute reaction, Terye is able to diagnose and clear the allergy in a single session. Needless to say, my experience with Terye has been wonderful. Indeed, I recommended her to several relatives and they too are happy with the results.”
–Ben S., Washington State

Husband Became “A New Man”

“I started seeing Terye for treatments for myself. The treatments have made a definite difference in my health. I was just starting to use an Advair inhaler then. My health started improving, and now I am in the best shape possible for my age (60)! I have been married 29 yrs to a man who was quite opinionated, to put it mildly. couple About 2 years ago, I honestly thought our marriage was over. He was being very bossy and sometimes to the point of being mean. I started having Terye do emotional clearings for him. He needed anger, love, rage, guilt, etc. It seemed to take effect almost immediately! I started to notice he would start to say something hateful or sarcastic, then he would just stop and not say it anymore, or he would say it, then immediately try to lessen the barb intended. And now, so much better.
Then he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I knew I would have a problem. At one point he actually made comments about me being unfaithful. So after each treatment, I would talk to Terye, and we would treat something to fix the problem, such as worry about the operation. I wish now I had kept track of each treatment and the immediate after effects. I will start to monitor his progress from now on. There are still things that he needs work on and also some for myself. His clearings have all been long-distance, as he is one of those people that simply cannot understand how this works. I have not told him but it is really working. I see us growing old together and enjoying our time together. I sincerely believe the treatments have literally made a “New Man” out of my husband! This may not sound as impressive as it is, but the treatments have really changed our lives for the better!

Thanks again. I don’t even want to imagine what my family would be like without you.”

–Molly L., U.S.A

Some amazing results other clients have experienced after working with The Allergy Lady:
  • “This is amazing, I am able to eat foods like wheat, gluten, dairy, fruits, and spices without any symptoms!”
  • “My Cardiologist released me from his care because my blood levels changed so dramatically after being treated!”
  • “I have so much more energy since working with Terye, and it feels like my body is working better!”
  • “I can finally wear cheap jewelry without breaking out.”
  • “My sensitivity to the cold was horrible, yet working with Terye fixed it. It doesn’t bother me anymore.”
  • “My golf game improved significantly, since I fixed my sensitivities related to the golf clubs.”
  • “It amazes me that my golf shoes stopped me from having a powerful swing! Who would have guessed this one? My swing improved 300% overnight! No one I golf with believed me, but they do now! Results speak louder than words! Terye is a miracle worker!”
  • “My lab results are so much better now after Terye’s work!”
  • “It is so weird, I am not craving chocolate anymore!”
  • “I am still shaking my head after finding out my fibromyalgia pain was due to multiple food allergies! How freaky to find out it was what I was eating after all this time. Terye told me she could change my reaction, and that’s exactly what she did!”
  • “WOW, my constant cough was due to my aftershave, comforter, and my computer chair!”
  • “My emotional outbursts were due to a sensitivity to Anger and Anxiety, and they disappeared! Terye was able to find the problem so quickly.”
  • “I did not believe Terye at first, but my sleep apnea was due to a hypersensitivity to my sheets, laundry soap, and pillow.”
  • “Wow, I can be in the sun without getting blisters or a rash.”
  • “Yes, my wheezing, shortness of breath, and constant coughing is in the past now!! Medications, what meds?”
  • “Guess what? My nose isn’t running after I eat anymore.”
  • “Would you believe my Tempurpedic Mattress caused my fibromyalgia pain? It is gone now!”
  • “The adhesives on a Band-Aide do not break me out anymore.”
  • “I used to get Strep Throat and Colds repeatedly, and I’ve been free of it for four years!!”