February 28, 2020

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Sunscreen Allergy? It’s A Possibility!

sunscreen“The Allergy Lady Says…….. The Sunscreen Craze Has Arrived! What is the obsession with sunscreen? Someone please tell me! It is in everything these days, whether you want it or not! Nope, no personal choice here, it is done for you! Is it the manufacturers trying to get market-share by including it in every product they make, or is it our huge fear of getting skin cancer with any level of sun exposure, or could it be a little of both? What did we do years ago, when no one wore sunscreen and the incidence of skin cancer was minimal? Doesn’t this make you wonder a bit? It makes me wonder, if sunscreen could have anything to do with this problem! AL www.allergylady.com blog.”

“The Allergy Lady Says…….Alright, here are the culprits of our discussion. Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, and Oxybensone (used for babies older than six months) are the most common sunscreen protectants, and they are used to reflect, scatter, or absorb UV-ultraviolet light. And, in addition to rubbing these products on ourselves, we even lather zinc oxide on baby’s bottoms to create a protective barrier against diaper rash! Yikes! It’s everywhere, is it not? And, the list of products includes body lotions, lipsticks, face makeups, suntan products, eye creams, shampoos, hair conditioners, body sprays, workout clothes, and more. With all this sunscreen, we should be free of skin cancer, but we are not! AL www.allergylady.com blog.”

“The Allergy Lady Says…….Sunscreen is a suspicious character! And, when you see mystery symptoms that make you shake your head in total disbelief, keep your eyes open! You should be asking yourself, could this sunscreen be the reason for my symptoms? Did it start after I put it on? Is it causing my rosacea (face-skin rash), headaches, joint pain, lips peeling, eye’s tearing, acne, bumps, burning sensations, coughing, sneezing, neck discomfort, numbness, mental confusion, and dizziness/vertigo? There is a connection more often than not. And, sunscreen is also absorbed into your skin, and there is plenty of documentation linking it to hormone disruption and questionable “cell damage” that may lead to skin cancer! Chemicals are chemicals for everyone, and they can cause damage. So, if you were sitting at a desk writing this article, would you really need sunscreen on? Probably not! I wish I had a choice though, whether to wear it or not. I bet you would like this same choice too. AL www.allergylady.com blog.”

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