February 28, 2020

Allergy Lady
Allergy Lady
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Are My Shoes Causing My Back Pain?

shoes“The Allergy Lady Says……..Shoes? Are those shoes really that innocent? Could they be causing your foot and back pain? Hmmmm…..Yes in deed! Let’s break them down to the fundamentals. They are often made of rubber, leather, tannic acid, cloth, synthetic materials, dyes, elastic, glues, adhesives, PVC pipe, plastic, and even sprayed with formaldehyde, waterproofing, or what are often called “shoe chemicals” among other things. Can you be allergic to these products? Absolutely, and they can be the reason for your body discomfort. Many people feel foot and heel pain, sciatic discomfort, sacral-lower back pressure, aching or sharp stabbing pain going down your legs, fatigue, headaches, asthma, etc. Suggestion: Start paying attention to the shoes you wear, and how your body feels when you wear them. You will notice that one pair of shoes causes more pain and the other is less. It’s Allergy! And, it can be fixed, so you can wear your favorite pair of shoes without pain. 🙂 AL www.allergylady.com blog.”


  1. natural pain control says:

    WOW, just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for lower back pain causes

  2. AllergyLady says:

    “The Allergy Lady Says…….Lower back pain is often allergy connected…..look at food, clothes, shoes, furniture, etc. AL http://www.allergylady.com

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  4. AllergyLady says:

    “The Allergy Lady Says……Thanks Fred! 🙂 AL http://www.allergylady.com

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