November 21, 2019

Allergy Lady
Allergy Lady

The Process

bodyThis work is a natural healing approach addressing your body’s responses to what it encounters. The process does not involve any type of medications or supplements. It is non-invasive and based on the body’s energy meridians, acupuncture points, and applied kinesiology principles.

Step 1: Learning from the Past

We all have a certain way of expressing our symptoms. This becomes evident by looking carefully at a medical history and seeing a pattern of symptoms that emerges. The more detail provided in a medical history, the better. No matter how insignificant an issue may seem it is very important. For example, if you had shortness of breath or canker sores as a child, it is well worth noting. It is important not to think, “Well, this is normal.” Passing gas, an occasional cough, or even a minor unexplained body pain is significant. During the intake, we will establish the goals for working together, and what is most important for you to resolve.

Step 2: Guiding Your Body Back to Health

Improving Your Health. The work is done remotely/long distance by phone. The time required can vary but typically the initial session will take about 90 minutes with subsequent sessions requiring roughly 30 minutes. No special preparation is required such as abstaining from certain foods. There are also no special requirements after the work is completed.

Heal Food Sensitivities. We start by balancing the whole system, similar to a “major tune up” for the body. Following that, the next phase is to address any basic food sensitivities. As we progress through this phase, many symptoms disappear, and you will be able to eat foods and feel great! The first time you are able to eat something you have been avoiding will demonstrate to you just how effective and life-changing this process is.

Address Other Sensitivities. If needed, we will then progress to other categories of sensitivities such as seasonal sensitivities, detergents/chemicals, weather changes, cell phones, etc. The sensitivities that are addressed depends on muscle testing/applied kinesiology results, and “what your body allows.” As we focus on basic food sensitivities, many other allergen reactions reduce or even disappear. Your body wants to do its job and it needs the proper resources and nutrients to do so. The number of sessions depends on how allergic you are overall, how well the body is clearing, and the goals we want to achieve. My goal is to have you feeling great as quickly as possible!



Initial Introduction:

Medical History Review
Allergy Consultation
Hypersensitivity Testing (Applied Kinesiology)
Initial Balancing Work


Subsequent Allergy Work (After Initial Appointment):

Hypersensitivity Work
Groups of Allergens are Addressed at One Time
Start with Food Groups Initially, Then Other Allergens


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