November 21, 2019

Allergy Lady
Allergy Lady

Let’s Talk Allergy


My primary mission is to take the mystery out of health issues and identify the cause. I help those with all types of symptoms who strive to attain optimal health. Everyone deserves good health, happiness, and the ability to return to their normal lives.

The key is how our Immune System (a group of functions, not really a system) reacts to what we are exposed. The immune system should really be called our defense system. It defends against anything harmful that comes in contact with the body. If we have an immune system response to something the body does not recognize or perceives as harmful, we will have symptoms as a result of the immune system response. The more we chemically change things in our environment, such as create Super Glue, or genetically modify a vegetable to lengthen the shelf life, create unnatural fabrics like acrylic and spandex, and make “memory foam” in a chemistry lab, the more unexplained symptoms we can experience.

Traditional medical professionals learn to analyze symptoms and group them into a diagnosis rather than looking for the actual cause of the reaction. With the help of Applied Kinesiology or what we commonly call Muscle Testing, we can find out the reason the body is reacting and fix the real reason for the symptoms.

Many of our problems are symptoms that are due to a hypersensitivity and/or immune response to something in our environments. Immune system response to things which should not normally trigger a response are called allergies. Most of us think of allergies as pollen, trees, weeds, grass, and a few foods like peanuts, gluten, and dairy as the “Allergy Norm.” However, research has found that allergic immune responses are the causes of a multitude of symptoms.

The truth is, we can be allergic to just about anything!

Yes, even organic foods, healthy drinks, sodas, food chemicals and preservatives, alcohol, fast food, street drugs, and antibiotics are possibilities. Plus, purified water, gum and chocolate, prescription medications, vitamins & supplements, childhood vaccinations, and even those healthy energy bars we all love can cause weird things to happen in our bodies! Could the amino acid mixture or the vanilla flavor in your favorite protein drink be wrecking havoc with your digestive system? Absolutely! Also, a long list of chemicals and household items like dust, dust mites, bed bugs, mold, all kinds of detergents, cleaning chemicals, shampoos, makeup, fabrics, clothing and your hot tub and pool water to boot! Perhaps you are one of those people who knows when a storm is coming in, senses weather changes, temperature variations, and barometric pressure shifts. Do building materials, paint, plastics, smoke, cigarettes, pesticides, pollution/smog, perfume, and smells drive you crazy? Maybe furniture, golf balls and the clubs, a person’s voice, loud noises, and emotions can cause problems for you. If you said “yes” to being bothered by any of these things, keep reading.

Are emotions considered an allergy? They can be. Often, we feel emotions like anger, sadness, worry, fear, anxiety, grief, humiliation, criticism, resentment, abandonment, betrayal, stubborn, shameful, regret, overwhelmed, frustration, jealousy, phobias, rejection, depression, and perfectionism. These and many others can cause problems. If you feel an emotion profoundly or find yourself having difficulty feeling it, or have an emotional event from your past that feels unresolved, then it could very well be something we can change and help make your life and relationships so much better.

People come to us in complete frustration having tried everything from pharmacueticals to counseling and all points in between. The fact that you are reading this website shows how open you are to new concepts with the desire to experience something new.

Allergies and Hypersensitivities are NOT logical.

puzzleReactions to allergens can show up in so many different ways, and it is difficult to solve unless you know what to look for and how to test accurately. Lots of confusion happens because most of us think in a logical way, and allergies are NOT LOGICAL. For example, just because someone has chest tightness and wheezing during “seasonal allergy time” doesn’t mean it is due to trees or pollen! It actually might be due to something they ate or possibly due to the jacket they are wearing! It sounds bizarre, but this type of contradiction is seen all the time!

These mixed signals results in “lots of guessing,” and people often resort to medications to stop the reactions without any long term results.
Yes, medications are a short term management tool, and how grateful we are to have them during a crisis. Unfortunately, they are not a true solution to the overall problem.

The Immune System—Its Role.

Our Immune System is similar to the Operating System of a Computer! In the Microsoft or Apple World, the operating system is updated on a regular bases to include “what is safe” and “what is not.” Our Immune System does not get updates, so we often react. It is as if our immune system has an older software program from the 1900s that is running in the background, and the things in our lives have changed since then! The work I do is really updating the software program, so the immune system stops reacting to the item and the symptoms disappear! After completing the process, you will NOT have a reaction to that item again!

The truth is our immune system sees things either as “a friend” or as “an enemy.” If it sees something as “an enemy”, it will react to it and cause symptoms to appear somewhere in the body. Where? The location and type of symptoms will be different for each person. Some of us experience stomach aches and gas, others as a runny nose or an uncontrollable coughing spell and asthma, and others as a “wiped out” feeling or being overly fatigued. Persistent headaches, migraines and problematic skin like eczema are very common too. Generalized body aches/pains, the classic “brain fog” reaction, or even struggling emotionally are just a few examples of the ways our bodies will show it’s having trouble.

When I am contacted for help, it is usually because someone has exhausted most traditional medicine methods and spent thousands of dollars without ever resolving their issues.

With repeated exposure to things that we are allergic to, our reactions become more intense. How frustrating this can be for anyone on this path. It reminds me of Albert Einstein’s definition of Insanity, which is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” So, are you finally ready to think outside the box?

These methods may be unusual compared to traditional approaches – I know, because I was formerly working as a registered nurse in the traditional medical community, and was still confused about unexplained symptoms, just as you are right now. This method may seem different, yet it gets to the crux of the the problem quickly! After getting consistent and life-changing results for over 15 years, my clients continue to send their family, friends, and acquaintances to me.

atomFrequently I am asked why I seem to know things beyond
what I am told.

I have an intuitive sense about health issues. This information comes to me as mental images. I was born with this ability. It gives me an advantage in determining what the real issue is concerning someone’s health. In addition to my medical training in traditional and alternative medicine some might say I am a “medical intuitive”.

I am grateful for my education in traditional medicine, as it helps me guide clients as they transition from Allopathic Traditional Medicine to the World of Alternative Medicine Modalities. Although this mixture of abilities is not typical of most medical practitioners, the results are remarkable. Doing this work brings me great joy, and I will always be appreciative of the many people I have worked with who have taught me to strive to an exceptional level of expertise in my field, and continue to be supportive friends. If you are curious about what might be causing your issues, it’s certainly worth a discussion. You are welcome to ask questions on the blog or to request a free consultation. Dramatically improving your health might be easier than you think!

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