February 28, 2020

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Hair Products & The Migraine Connection?

products_basket“The Allergy Lady Says…….Migraines, Migraines, Migraines! Stabbing brain pain, horrible nausea, vomiting repeatedly, ‘keep those lights away from me’ feeling, and a vice grip on your head tells the typical – Migraine Story. OMG!! Migraines come on so suddenly for no apparent reason, stay for days, and so often ruin your work and private lives. Over-the-counter meds first, and when this fails to stop the pain, you head for the prescription drugs just to survive, then a cold towel on your forehead in shear desperation, and finally kneeling as you say a few prayers to the ‘Migraine Gods’ to save you from this unbelievable pain! Sound familiar? AL www.allergylady.com blog.”

“The Allergy Lady Says……A few days later, the horrible migraine is finally gone, but you are still baffled about the cause. It’s still a mystery! It seems as though there is no rhyme or reason for these migraines, but there really is something causing it! There are a few possibilities to consider, but first let us look at the hair products you just bought at the salon? And, the hair dye and bleach the hair stylist put on your head last Saturday? These products look ‘oh-so-innocent’ but they are NOT! Hair products and the chemicals in them cause a multitude of problems! Yes, those shampoos, hair conditioners, leave-in conditioners, intensive moisturizing treatments, mousses, hair sprays, hair dyes, and bleach highlights are often to blame! In addition, some people react to foods, spices, pillows, new clothing and medications, but hair products are a major reason for migraines that should NOT be ignored AL www.allergylady.com blog.”

“The Allergy Lady Says……Hair product chemicals include sodium laurel sulfate (makes the suds), perfume and fragrances (the smell), essential oils (a major problem when people are allergic to spices, flowers, alcohol, herbs, etc), formaldehyde, hair colors/dyes, propylene glycol (also known as anti-freeze), parabens (used to prolong the shelf life of these products), and DEA/TEA (reduces PH levels) are just the beginning of an never ending list. Not only are they toxic, but they can absorb into your scalp. Can we stay away from them forever? Not easily! That is, unless you are open to another approach! There is another way to deal with this problem, which will allow you to use these products without reacting! Let’s talk about it at the www.allergylady.com blog AL.”

“The Allergy Lady Says…….Here is Hint #1: If you know when the migraine started, then try to remember what you were doing before the migraine started (example: eating, drinking, supplements, wearing, touching, etc), as this will give you your first clue in figuring out the reason for the migraine. And, then the CSI Investigation begins! If you need more help figuring out what the reason might be, just ask the Allergy Lady @ www.allergylady.com blog AL.”


  1. Hmm is anyone else encountering problems with the images on this blog loading? I’m trying to find out if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog.Any feed-back would be greatly appreciated.

  2. AllergyLady says:

    “The Allergy Lady Says……No one else is reporting difficulty loading pictures. Hope it is fixed soon. AL http://www.allergylady.com.”

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