November 21, 2019

Allergy Lady
Allergy Lady

Essential Oils Mania! Harmless???

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“The Allergy Lady Says…….It is Essential Oil Mania! Incredible marketing, extensive exposure, promises of healing health issues, maybe killing bacteria, aroma therapy scents, yet there are a few problems no one is talking about on the web. First of all, essential oils are made from spices, flowers, fruits, herbs, trees, and many other things. After concentrating the oils, they are put in small bottles for us to use on our bodies, in vaporizers, on our children, the dog & cat, the car, gym workout areas, classrooms, yoga studios and the list goes on forever. Number #1 Problem: If you are allergic to any of the above items, you are allergic to the essential oil too! It is amazing how we think these oils are totally innocent and without consequence. Personally, I have seen people getting bronchitis, chronic coughs, runny nose, dizziness, shortness of breath,bottles asthma, headaches, sinus and ear infections as a result of using essential oils! And, when they find out their health challenges are due to using these essential oils, they are totally in SHOCK! Really? Yes, really! AL blog.”

“The Allergy Lady Says……Essential oil use is causing so many health problems lately. Recently, someone was placed in the Intensive Care with extremely high blood pressure and life threatening kidney failure due to using essential oils in the air. The essential oils were being infused through a vaporizer 24 hours a day (read testimonials on this website Scary is not the word! Essential oils are being used in neti pots, which are typically used to wash out the nasal and sinus cavities. Traditionally, only salt water is used with this device. Tea-tree oil in neti pots is another one! OMG! PLEASE….STOP DOING THIS! These are “external products” never to be used inside the body! This is a very dangerous trend causing more harm than good. Oh please, rethink this decision, and stay safe out there. The Allergy Lady Blog is a good place to discuss this issue, so come join us at blog AL.”


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  2. Carol Showalter says:

    Terye treated me for my severe allergy to essential oils and I no longer suffer from migraines, brain fog and irritability!

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