February 28, 2020

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Flax Seed & The Stomachaches It Causes!

flax_seed“The Allergy Lady Says………About 98% of the people I test are allergic to flax seed! After eating flax, many people have digestive discomfort, stomachaches, gas/bloating, diarrhea, cramping, constipation, brain fog, etc. Fax seed is really for cows! I understand it has Omega 3 Fatty Acids, which reduces inflammation and abnormal clotting issues, yet there are other sources of Omega 3 Fatty Acids less toxic to humans like salmon, sardines and walnuts to name a few. If you are determined to continue taking your flax supplement, just fix the allergy to it! AL www.allergylady.com blog.”

Note: *Starting a discussion about flax or any other subject is how we educate each other. Make a comment, and we will talk about it on the blog. *After a quick Allergy Lady review, the comment will be posted to the website.* AL www.allergylady.com blog.”

Which Is Better? Vegetable Wash Or Plain Ol’ Water?

vegetable_wash“The Allergy Lady Says……..What happened to washing vegetables with water and a brush? It is amazing how marketers have convinced us that washing vegetables in water is not enough anymore! It worked for years, so why not now? So many people are highly allergic to vegetable wash products, and gas – diarrhea is a common result. A headache, runny nose, and a sneezing fit are possibilities too. If you have ever had trouble at the salad bar at the health food store or a restaurant, it is often due to a vegetable wash product they are using or something called “Whiten-All,” which is a white powder preservative. This preservative keeps the vegetables, lettuce, and fruits looking fresh without wilting under the salad bar lights! There are so many things we do not know about our food preparation. Staying away from these products is almost impossible, if you are eating out. Awareness is the key! Or, you can fix it! AL www.allergylady.com blog.”

Hand Sanitizers? What Happened to Soap & Water?

hand_sanitizer“The Allergy Lady Says……..What happened to “Hand Washing With Soap & Water? If you take a professional medical exam, a common question asked is, “What is the number one way to prevent infection? The answer is: #1 Wash your hands with soap and water! Please tell me why this method is overlooked? Those hand sanitizers not only leave the bacteria & viruses on your hands, but they also have carcinogens in the products that are absorbed into your skin! If you are allergic, common reactions will be feeling sick, dizzy, depression, sharp pains in the abdomen, nausea, back pain, itching, etc. In my opinion, soap and water is the way to go! Let’s talk about it, and I will post your comments to the Allergy Lady Blog. AL www.allergylady.com blog.”

Golf Club Hand Grips & Your Poor Golf Game!!

golf_clubs“The Allergy Lady Says………Have you ever played a decent game of golf, and after getting a new custom set of clubs, your game is the “worst” it has ever been? Have you considered the “hand grips” being the cause? I have seen this problem with many people, yet after fixing the allergy, THEIR GAME IS BACK! The acupuncture meridian flow becomes blocked as a result of this allergy, and your ability to hit the golf ball will suffer too! Well, could this be Tiger Wood’s issue or any other golf professional? Makes you think…..huh? Do you know anyone, who used to play golf well and is now struggling? It’s worth a discussion. AL www.allergylady.com blog.”

Could Fibromyalgia Pain Be Connected To Your Memory Foam Mattress?

bed“The Allergy Lady Says……The truth is, memory foam mattresses were first created in a chemistry lab! It’s not a natural product, and our immune system (collection of reactions) does not recognize this strange material! If the immune system sees it as the “enemy,” you will have symptoms of some sort like shortness of breath, asthma, fibromyalgia pain, insomnia, and headaches. The good news is, after fixing the allergy, you will be able to sleep on the mattress. Ask me question, and I will post your comments. AL www.allergylady.com blog.”

Rubberized Shoes Might Be The Cause Of Your Sciatic Pain!

rubberized_shoes“The Allergy Lady Says…….I know these shoes are very comfortable and the “in thing” to wear now. Did it ever occur to you that they might be causing your body aches, foot pain, sciatic pain, indigestion, depression, and fatigue? Yes, you can be allergic to things like rubber, elastic, leather, and shoe chemicals. If you are allergic to rubberized shoes, then you might be allergic to your floor mats in the car, the tires, and your yoga mat! Fix the allergy to rubber, and the issue is gone. Has anyone had difficulties with these types of shoes? Post a comment on the Allergy Lady Blog! AL www.allergylady.com blog.”

Digestive Enzymes – Are They Really Helping You?

enzymes“The Allergy Lady Says……..Yes, people can be allergic to digestive enzymes! If an allergy is present, the body is not doing it’s job making the correct amount of enzymes internally. Just because we start taking them in pill form, does not mean our bodies like them any better now! Yes, the body’s reaction can result in gas/bloating, GERD, indigestion, abnormal bowel movements, and pain between the shoulder blades are just a few examples. So, keep in my mind, you can be sensitive to digestive enzymes and probiotics too. Fix the allergy to them, and the problem goes away. Let’s start a conversation with comments to be posted to the blog! AL www.allergylady.com blog.”

Makeup & Lotions Chemicals Create Acne & Rashes!

makeup“The Allergy Lady Says…….The chemicals allowed in makeup and skin products are a major problem for most of us! Yes, your acne, dry skin, eczema, rashes, hives, sinus infections, ear infections, and dandruff might be caused by your blush, foundation or lotion? It can be the reason. Many adult onset acne situations are really an allergic reaction to something they are using in their daily skin routine. Fix the allergy, and you will be able to wear these products! Does anyone have reactions to makeup? Read more on the Allergy Lady website to find the solution! Let’s start a conversation! 🙂 AL www.allergylady.com blog.”

A Special “Welcome” From The Allergy Lady!

A Special “Welcome” from the AllergyLady!

“The Allergy Lady Says…….If you are struggling with reactions of any sort, this is the place to talk about it! I, personally, struggled with horrible food allergies my whole life, in addition to makeup, detergents, chemicals, formaldehyde, etc. And, as I started to really understand “all of those symptoms I experienced” were connected to a “sensitivity” I had to something I eat, drank, touched, etc — the whole world started to open up for me. Finally, these mystery symptoms made sense after years of suffering! This work has changed my life profoundly as well as others I have worked with over the years. It’s worth a discussion and an open dialogue to start educating our world about the causes of many health issues. After a quick Allergy Lady review, your comments will be posted to the blog, and you will be part of a very important discussion. Education is the key to our health, and my mission is to allow people to be powerful in their own health choices. AL www.allergylady.co blog.”