November 21, 2019

Allergy Lady
Allergy Lady

Can You Be Free of Allergies?

Common Food AllergiesYes you can! Imagine being able to eat whatever foods you like, having the pet you’ve always wanted, or visiting someone’s home and feeling great. It’s now possible for you. Not only can common allergy symptoms be eliminated, but also allergies you may not know you have that are causing a multitude of symptoms. You can feel good. You can be full of energy. You can finally be free to enjoy your life. Many of your symptoms can be due to a hypersensitivity and/or an allergy reaction to something in your environment. Most of us think of allergies as pollen, trees, weeds, and grass, and a few foods like peanuts, wheat, gluten, and dairy. The truth is, we can be allergic to just about anything! By using a simple yet powerful process, your quality of life will improve profoundly, and your allergy symptoms will be eliminated. Testing for allergies is easy and eliminating them is simple too.

NO Elimination Diets and NO Struggling Anymore!

Finding out what is causing the problem is easier than you think. The testing can tell you what is causing your symptoms quickly. Many health issues can be completely transformed by eliminating allergies you never knew you had. The process is based on vibrational energy, acupuncture and chiropractic principles, and the effects are dramatic. Read what other people have to say about my results.

STOP Reacting, EAT Anything Symptom-Free
ABSORB Your Supplements, IMPROVE Your Health & Lab Results!
Common Food Allergies
Alcohol Cured Meats Grains Soda
Amino Acids Dairy Gum Soybeans
Animal Fats Dough Conditioners Healthy Drinks Spices
Antibiotics Eggs High Fructose Corn Syrup Street Drugs
Artificial Flavoring Energy Bars Hot Dogs Sugar
Artificial Sweeteners Fast Food Malt Supplements
Baking Soda/Powder Fiber Meats Turkey
Beans Fish Medications Vegetable Fats
Bottled Water Flax Natural Flavoring Vegetable Wash
Caffeine Food Additives Nuts Vegetables
Chinese Herbs Food Coloring Organic Foods Vitamin C
Chocolate Food Preservatives Peanuts Vitamin D
Citrus Frozen Foods Potassium Vitamin E
Coconut Fruits Protein Drinks Vitamin K
Coffee Gluten Proteins Water/Bottled Water
Corn GMO Foods Shellfish Yeast
Common Environmental Allergies
Air Fresheners Fabrics Makeup Silicone
Ammonia Fertilizer Mattresses Smog
Building Materials Floor Cleaners Mold Sun Light
Carpet Formaldehyde New Furniture Sunscreen
Cellphones Fungus Newspaper/Ink Tabacco/Cigarettes
Cold-temperature Glues/Adhesives Parasites Tea Tree Oil
Computers Grass Perfume Television
Control Burn Chemicals Hair Dye Pesticides Memory Foam Mattresses
Dry Cleaning Chemicals Hair Products Petroleum Products Toilet Paper
Dust/Dust Mites Heat-temperature Potting Soil Trees
Elastic Heavy Metals Propylene Glycol Weeds
Fabric Dyes Laundry Soap Recycling Chemicals Windex
Fabric Softeners Leather Shoe Chemicals Wood Smoke

You Can Feel Better!

Just imagine…

Allergy Free

  • Experience spring time without hay fever.
  • Eat citrus fruits without canker sores.
  • Eat shellfish without any reaction.
  • Being free of acid reflux or GERD.
  • Being near someone wearing perfume and feeling fine.
  • Enjoying chocolate without body aches or headaches.
  • Be able to eat restaurant food and feeling great.
  • Reading your newspaper without your nose running.
  • Eating bread or cereal and being full of energy.
  • Being free of gluten sensitivity.
  • Resolving emotional issues such as anger, sadness, fear, and anxiety easily and quickly.
  • Being able to fill your car with gasoline and having no reaction to the fumes!
  • Eating milk and dairy products without having a stomachache, bloating, and nausea.
  • Wearing your gold, silver, or inexpensive jewelry without acne and other skin problems.
  • Using hair dye, shampoo, and hair products without sinus issues, headaches, or itching.
  • Absorbing vitamins, minerals, and other supplements and see your lab results improve.

You Are Unique

Every person’s allergy symptoms are expressed in a unique way. What type of symptoms show up for you? Those weird reactions may not make sense and are not usually logical. We know your body is rejecting something. Symptoms are telling us our bodies are having trouble with something we just eat, drank, touched, etc. Pay attention to your symptoms, and you will be on the road to figuring out what is causing your reaction. The table below is a list of common symptoms, yet it is not a complete list.

Common Physical Symptoms
Acid Reflux Diarrhea Hives Psoriasis
Acne Dysrhythmias IBS Irritable Bowel Rashes
Arthritis Pain Eczema Itching Runny Nose
Asthma Emotional Outburts Itching Between Legs Sinus Headaches
Back Pain Fatigue Itchy Throat Sinus Infections
Brain Fog Feel Depressed Joint Pain Sneezing
Burping Fever Blisters Migraines Sore Throat
Canker Sores Fibromyalgia Nausea Sour Stomach
Chronic Fatigue Flu-like Symptoms Neck Pain Stomachaches
Clearing Throat Frozen Shoulder No Energy Urinary Frequency
Constipation Gas Painful Periods Warts
Coughing Headaches Palpitations Watery Eyes
Cramping Heartburn Post Nasal Drip “Wiped Out” Feeling

The above table lists just a few of the most common physical symptoms your body can express. Remember that an allergy can trigger just about any type of symptom.

Find out how simple and easy the process of eliminating your allergy can be.